Chuck Nau

Chuck Nau, of Murray & Nau, Inc., is a management consultant having served the Seattle Times, Knight-Ridder Newspapers and the Chicago Tribune Company in a number of management, marketing, media and sales capacities.  Established in 1995, Murray & Nau, Inc. is a publishing and retailing consulting firm based in the Seattle area.  Clients include chambers of commerce, newspapers, niche publications, publishing associations, regional and national chain retailers, shopping centers and small to midsize retailers, service providers and businesses.

Chuck’s strategies are based on his experiences spanning a twenty- five-year plus career in advertising, management, media, retailing and sales.  He has experienced first-hand and knows and understands the everyday challenges, frustrations, and difficulty in determining how to best maximize revenue potential and outcomes while minimizing wasted time and effort.  Additionally, Chuck coaches new and experienced publishers, senior executives, owners, and managers — teaching, encouraging and motivating their staffs.
Chuck’s practice enables him to put his wide range of advertising, management, marketing, and sales experience to work for business owners, publishers, sales management teams and senior managers on both a day to day and special project basis.  For more than fifteen years, he has assisted clients as a management consultant, sales trainer, facilitator, coach and mentor in advertising, management, marketing, and sales areas.
All of the work Chuck undertakes for his clients is individually prepared and the overall management and/or sales staff training and format of each management, retailing or sales workshop are developed based on client discussions, Chuck’s experience, and client’s identified goals.
Chuck’s clients typically describe the management, retailing and sales training workshops that he conducts as high spirited, interactive, motivational, very informative and fun.  Senior executives’ observations about their staffs after working with Chuck is that they walk away highly motivated and energized about what they do and how they do it.  Likewise, they feel strongly that their staff has a deeper understanding of the value of their offering, the importance of marketing and advertising, and the benefits of working smarter as opposed to harder, in fulfilling their vision of success.
In addition to his consulting practice, Chuck has keynoted, spoken to and conducted workshops for a number of local retail and chamber organizations, national publishing groups, national retailers and manufacturers, newspaper groups and state press associations throughout North America.
Chuck has written and continues to write articles, columns, and essays covering topics in advertising, management, marketing, and sales.  These have appeared on a regular basis in various chamber newsletters, retailing and newspaper industry and press association publications.

Comments and questions are welcome and may be directed to Chuck via email: or at (425) 603-0984.