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Newspapers’ Future: Local Content with Cluster Efficiencies

Five-newspaper cluster with large roster of special editions, robust digital venues and versatile central web printing operation. These five markets’ diverse economies mitigate much of the pain from the national COVID-19 inspired economic slowdown. Company out-performs most — providing enviable cash flow.


Dominant online newspaper has a long history of profitability in coastal San Diego

This 20-year-old news product serves one of the most affluent beachfront communities in San Diego County. Passionate local coverage of news, events and lifestyle has grown engagement and revenues positioning this property for years of continued growth and profitability. The publication has positive cash flow with an impressive high profit margin. The enhanced infrastructure for 2022 includes a Director of Sales and Business Development and a newsroom of 11 reporters.  Contact Tim Smith at (541) 817-5449 or email  co-brokered with Gauger Media Service, Inc. at (360) 942-3560 or email


Three Community Weeklies With Multi-Platform Venues

Exploit the synergies in administration, composition and ad sales with this highly profitable cluster of three community weeklies with multi-platform venues. This successful publishing company’s hyper-local content grosses more than a million, finishing last year with nearly 21 percent cash flow. This well-established Midwest weekly cluster represents the future of publishing.

Unique Niche Magazine

Profits are growing for this niche magazine in one of the most popular small cities of the Northwest. Articles on travel, adventure, volunteerism, house and home, photography, wildlife, food and wine, gardening, cooking and more inspires its readers to “live the good life.” The magazine’s editorial focus is a primary factor driving its success, with climbing circulation revenue boosting the bottom line. With 300 days of sunshine, great local schools, a strong downtown, and a real sense of community by its citizens, this profitable publication offers a fun business in a great place to live.

Small Regional Magazine Would Add More Than $100,000 to Your Cash Flow

Family-owned business specializing in publishing outdoor recreational magazines and guidebooks. Its anchor targets a dynamic regional Northwest market spanning Washington, Oregon, Idaho and parts of Montana. The magazine’s venue includes three print editions with a 40,000 pressrun each, supplemented by a bold digital presence including an E-newsletter published 26 times per year with more than 12,000 opt-in recipients and dedicated E-blasts with individual messages from advertisers. The website attracts more than 100,000 page views annually. Also, for an enterprising newspaper publisher this add-on niche-driven editorial and advertising content opens an additional healthy book of business.

Well Established Multimedia Company

Three of Western Washington’s most coveted contiguous upscale markets with a cluster of three distinct flags provide advertisers affordable, targeted advertising with hyper-local, individual or combined marketing options with nearly 18,000 distributed each week with another 3,100 distributed by-weekly in contiguous market. Circulation Verification Council reports 70 percent of residents in these high-demographic markets read these newspapers filled with hyper-local news and ads. It’s notable that display advertising revenue represented 80 percent of last year’s gross revenue, with 17 percent generated with service directories, guides, classifieds and preprint inserts. The most recent three-year average of gross revenue exceeded $700,000. Cash flow for the same reporting periods averaged more than 12 percent. Strong, experienced management in place.


Popular California Magazine Reaching Across Multimedia Platforms

Popular niche magazine reaching across multimedia platforms to more than 300,000 families every month — and growing.  The magazine’s70,000 print edition is supplemented with another 10,000 monthly digital readers. The company provides its advertisers with 14 online marketing options including analytic reports on page views, click-throughs and impressions.  A digital edition and twice-monthly E-newsletters link readers 24/7 with their communities. With a proud history spanning more than three decades this modern magazine serves one of the most dynamic markets in the country.

Two Contiguous Adjudicated Weeklies

County seat paid weekly within 12 miles of sister weekly make enhanced efficiencies available through shared administration, composition, ad sales and even some common editorial content. The diverse local economy centers around agriculture — primarily wine grapes, apples, cherries, hops, asparagus, corn, wheat, and processing plants. Tourists attracted to more than thirty local wineries. Great retreat for journalists and advertising sales reps fed up with nation’s large newspaper conglomerates.

Great Addition to Progressive Newspaper Publisher

Unique opportunity to own and operate a well established multi-platform media company serving one of California’s most dynamic tourism markets with two magazines published twice annually focused on exploiting the market’s tourist attractions that include neighboring redwood forests and ever popular wineries. Increasingly avant-garde newspaper publishers are including magazines like this in their cluster — opening an entirely new book of business by way of focused content that attracts advertisers not typically regularly running in general circulation community newspapers. And they have the added benefit of nearly 30 percent profit margins resulting from synergies in administration, sales, ad and news production and distribution.

Multi-media Cluster in Dynamic Markets Outperforms Publishing Norms with Consistently Impressive Margins

Well-established multi-platform media company dominating dynamic markets with two adjudicated weekly newspapers, augmented by a weekly non-duplicating shopper, and monthly Latino Language monthly newspaper — all supported by a highly successful full service digital and commercial web printing service (including highly sophisticated capacity for printing on coated stock for special sections) supported by automated direct mailing services. Company’s dominance of its strategic locations and unique local products allow the company to prosper far beyond industry norms. The corporation’s gross revenue exceeds $3 million with the most recent four annual reporting periods average adjusted cash flow nearly 18 percent, reaching more than 21 percent in 2018. This multi-platform media company’s diverse products and services are well established in a diverse economy mitigating much of the pain from the nation’s erratic economic swings (markets’ employment and growth rates outperform much of the state and nation). The market’s geography, attractive lifestyle and culture blend seamlessly with the area’s natural beauty.

Three Small Adjudicated Weeklies in Growth Markets

These three adjudicated newspapers and ancillary shoppers are in contiguous markets, facilitating operational synergies with administration, ad sales and production. These proud publishing legacies represent deep community roots upon which to build continued subscription and revenue growth serving communities with impressive population growth histories.

Monthly Suburban Newspaper

Monthly newspaper focused on interaction between service organizations, schools, educators, business professionals and the community at large. Dating back two decades this monthly newspaper is enthusiastically welcomed into homes and businesses in one of Central California’s upscale suburban markets with its hyper-local content covering events seldom found in larger media venues. Publisher’s health issues dictate sale of this community treasure.