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Popular California Magazine Reaching Across Multimedia Platforms

Popular family magazine reaching across multi-media platforms — 65,000 print edition supplemented by another 10,000 monthly readers of its eMagazine.  Events produce $100,000+ annually. Company provides advertisers rich choice of online marketing options including analytic reports on page views, click-throughs, and impressions.  Ideal for owner/operator or as a strategic buy for an existing publishing company, this smartly designed monthly magazine serves an affluent SoCal market, with annual margins growing with increased annual gross revenues.  The 2017 revenue on track to exceed 2016’s performance.

Northwest Regional Magazine

Great opportunity for young ad sales or editorial person wanting to own and operate your own publishing business.  Especially ideal if you’re an outdoor recreational enthusiast!  This unique and well-established multiplatform media company dominates its niche in the dynamic regional Northwest recreation market spanning three states. Magazine’s venue includes eight print editions with a 40,000 pressrun each, supplemented by a new bold digital presence. Also, for an enterprising newspaper publisher this add-on niche-driven editorial and advertising content opens a book of business not normally available to general circulation newspapers.

Pacific Northwest Newspaper Clusters

Newspaper clusters with shared administration, composition and cross selling produce enhanced margins, but often take years to build. Here’s an opportunity to immediately reap increased profits with five non-daily newspapers dominating dynamic West Coast markets. Each newspaper posting healthy cash flow from combined annual revenue of nearly than $4-million.

Well Established Washington State Multimedia Company

Well established West Coast multimedia company dominating dynamic markets with two adjudicated weeklies, augmented with a non-duplicating shopper and monthly community newspaper. 

All supported by highly successful full-service digital and commercial printing services and sophisticated central web printing operation.  Three-year annual average gross $3.2-million consistently generates 18 to 24 percent cash flow.  Publisher retiring with strong staff in place.

California Cluster of Non-dailies

A print and digital publishing company with a cluster of four adjudicated weekly newspapers and a popular regional magazine grossing $2 million in one of California’s most prosperous counties. Clusters are increasingly the publishing paradigm of choice because of the economic advantages by way of synergies in production, sales and administration. Clusters often take years to build, but in this instance the attractive cluster is in place!

Small Washington Newspaper Cluster

Strong hyper-local, targeted newspaper brands with deep community roots dating back to 1976. From that first edition with a 5,000 pressrun through today with two weeklies with approximately 17,700 controlled circulation the company’s dedication to community has never waned. This cluster of two newspapers and companion shopper’s four-year average revenue was $661,988. And cash flow during that same period (2013 and 2016) was a tad over 21 percent. The area’s large regional dailies cannot compete with this must-read cluster filled with local news and advertising content at affordable rates.

Well-Established Cluster of Three Community Newspapers in California

Unique investment opportunity to own and operate a well established cluster of three non-daily community newspapers and their supplemental shopper publications. These adjudicated newspapers and ancillary shoppers are in contiguous markets, facilitating operational synergies with administration, ad sales and production. Group’s strategic location has allowed the company to prosper along with their growth markets. During the most recent three annual reporting periods the company’s consolidated adjusted cash flow has never dipped below 24%, and in 2015 it was an impressive 30%. Their three-year average adjusted cash flow was $194,860 — from a three-year average gross revenue of nearly $700,000.

California Bi-weekly Newspaper in Picturesque Community

Bi-weekly (Wednesdays and Fridays) newspaper north of Los Angeles in a picturesque community of 30,000 people.  Home to extensive agricultural industries centered on citrus crops and avocados.  Wednesday’s edition is TMC.  Friday edition is paid circulation (subs and news racks).   This broadsheet newspaper is typically between 10 and 16 pages and runs about 60 percent advertising.

Northwest Regional Group with Four Weekly Flags Supported by Press Line

Print and digital publishing company with four adjudicated weeklies plus one niche weekly and supplemental shopper.  All composition and primary administration centralized for max efficiency.   All the bases covered here.  Three-year average annual gross above $1.8 million with double digit cash flow.  Owner retiring.

California Leads the Way with Digital

The future is NOW with this all-digital community newspaper serving a unique California market with a hyper-local news and advertising menu. Breaking news and emergency alerts are wrapped around comprehensive county government news, community events and calendars, weather reports and road conditions. During a recent month this digital newspaper posted more than 825,000 page views with 65 percent of these visitors returning for more! That’s reader loyalty that all publishers covet. Last year (2016) posted a 120 percent increase over the previous year.

Two Contiguous Adjudicated Washington Weeklies

Two adjudicated weeklies in separate counties — yet only 12 miles apart — makes for enhanced efficiencies through share administration, composition, sales and even some common editorial content. With 2,600 and 1,500 circulation this weekly duo produces a hefty schedule of special sections — all with local, local, local news and ad content. Grossing tad over $500,000.

Washington Magazine Serving Strong West Coast Metro Market

Magazine serving strong West Coast metro market with local B-to-B news and advertising menu for strong, regional commercial community.  Quality print products skillfully integrated with aggressive digital presence generating $700,000-plus annual revenue.

Washington Monthly Lifestyles Magazine

Monthly lifestyles magazine hitting its high-end demographic target.  Revenues increased nearly 16 percent (15.79%) in last three years.  Now grossing $250,000, it’s easily managed by husband-wife team.  Because of unique content and reader reach this magazine represents a “safe” market niche that has proven difficult for general circulation newspapers and lesser “wannabes” to claim.  Editorial focus is a primary factor in its success —   all about local folks down the street, all living, working or retiring.

Four Contiguous Non-daily Adjudicated Newspapers with Web Press

Group of four non-daily (adjudicated) newspapers supported by the company’s own robust central web printing facility with substantial list of nonproprietary press clients.  Markets are contiguous in California’s geographic center.  All four flags deliver loyal readers interested in their communities’ hyper-local news and advertising menus.  Four-year annual revenues nearly $2.3 million and growing.